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2015-06-01 07:15:00 by LovelyKouga

Gettin' REAL tired of people taking my animations and uploading them elsewhere...

Even had one person upload one on youtube, and they're getting ad revenue from it. Over 20,000 views!

Shame on all those who steal attention and potential profits from artists.


2014-08-07 06:16:31 by LovelyKouga

Hey all!

If you could take some time to check out my shirt store, or even like/share/promote it, that would be just amazing!!! They're available in a few different colours now.
I've worked hard to make cute designs that might suit a lot of people, so even if you don't like one, chances are someone you know might :)

If you have any suggestions  about what I should do for my next shirt, lemmie hear it!


2014-05-04 10:25:59 by LovelyKouga

Hey guys! I've been busy with art lately, huh!
It would really help me out if you could vote for my Deadpool design to be made into an awesome cheap shirt here:

Or alternatively, you can already get it on another site in any colour or size you like:

Thanks so much gang, or as Deadpool might say, 'Domo arigatou Mr. Newgrounder!'



2013-09-14 04:30:46 by LovelyKouga

Hi guys! Was wondering if anyone wanted me to draw something for them?

$18 for a fully-coloured chibi on paper (or like the two latest in my gallery - I can even mail you the original!)
and $15 for a coloured digital anime drawing

Paypal only
Stay classy! :3


Little animation

2013-04-17 04:55:15 by LovelyKouga

I'm actually taking an 'Intro to animation' class at University this semester...we were allowed to pick electives so I was like, why the hell not!

A little something I did, the brief was 'bouncing across the screen' :3 le-Bounce-361293613

Not sure how interested you guys would be...

2012-09-17 12:23:46 by LovelyKouga

I guess if you're a fan of my wouldn't hurt to show you this, just in case.

I have an Online Store, y'all can feel free to take a look-see if you like T-shirts and art prints and iPhone cases and other kewl stuffs~

If you buy something and send me a pic of you holding/wearing it, I might just draw you a little something! I'm trying to build my online portfolio since eventually I'd like a design job, and showing my clients that people have bought my products would be a huge asset and would mean more to me personally that I can even say. ;0;

Also, slightly higher-res versions are uploaded here on Newgrounds for you to take a look at if you wish!

Not sure how interested you guys would be...


2012-02-18 02:27:31 by LovelyKouga

I've been commissioned to make a flash animation based on a persons fanfiction, so I'm working on that in the coming month, expect it soon! It's still in storyboard stage.
Best thing is, it features a fan-character made for my universe (the one Jessi and Riley are from), 'Tropic Mews'! She is a different race than those two.
Better still, Jessi and Riley make an appearance ^^


2011-04-07 14:56:32 by LovelyKouga

Hoh man, been a while huh?

I know I promised a sequel to 'I Said NO!', and that I've yet to deliver. XD;
University take priority guys, just Saiyan. (lol)

It's just a lot of work for one person, and I guess in a nutshell I am forced to ask for help!
I don't know if anyone would be willing, I know it's tedious work, but it would help me out a great deal...if anyone would be willing to help me with animating?
If not the actual animating, then perhaps filling in the colours...I could animate the whole thing, but it would be so totally awesome if someone was willing to do the colouring for me. All the knowledge you need is basically how to use the fill tool in Flash. XD

EVEN PAINTING SOME DIGITAL BACKGROUNDS, IF YOU'RE GOOD AT THAT. 8D (the sequel is set outside in a jungle by the way)

OF COURSE, your name would be listed in the credits, if anyone were willing to help me out. ;P

Jessi Soundboard

2010-10-20 07:05:33 by LovelyKouga

Just a little something a friend put together for me!
All the involvement I had was the voice for Jessi, much better microphone, yes?
He was kind enough to make a soundboard out of some voice clips. ^^ He's having some issues with the preloader but oh well, hopefully he can fix it or just use a Newgrounds preloader like I do 'cos I'm a lazy bum.

Make sure to click the face at the bottom-right for a SPECIAL SONG...

New but short Jessi dance animation:

Sequel to 'I Said No'

2010-08-02 09:56:02 by LovelyKouga is in progress!
So far I have all the voicework I need, now it's just piecing the thing together (I hate doing that part SO MUCH) and then music...sound effects...animate...gah...losing motivation already. Haha!

Got any questions about it? I can reveal some things, like, there will be a big MONSTER BATTLE. 8D And a new character.