Little animation

2013-04-17 04:55:15 by LovelyKouga

I'm actually taking an 'Intro to animation' class at University this semester...we were allowed to pick electives so I was like, why the hell not!

A little something I did, the brief was 'bouncing across the screen' :3 le-Bounce-361293613


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2013-04-17 13:38:46

That was nice!


2013-07-07 21:57:16

Hmm, some of your latest Art submissions have been a bit heavy... 2-3MB for a picture's okay, but past that, it's a bit much (chibis are supposed to be small!). Besides, if you make them too detailed, someone might steal them for T-shirts or prints... there are thieves about. 56 She eventually made stickers of her Pokemon pictures herself, did the convention thing....

LovelyKouga responds:

I'm not worried, because all of my art is my own original characters, ya know? I would understand if I did fanart of something popular like Pokemon, I'd expect to see it floating around. But these characters are pretty recognizably my own, and I don't really believe anyone would want to steal my pictures of them for monetary gain. I don't like people making money off of other people's property (Pokemon fanart is nice, but it is still art of someone else's property...therefore don't sell it XD)