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Very good hahah, tween-a-licious!
The only crit I can offer is when she is marching angrily towards him at the end...her arms swing on the same side her legs do. People don't walk like that! XD; All ya need to do is alternate the arms and legs. ^^

Unpopular opinion time!

This is the first...alkdhjadkskf movie I've ever seen, I don't...see the appeal?
The only skit I found funny was the first internet one haha, the others just seemed to be shooting each other the whole time!
WELL. Ignore me, because this is obviously hugely popular!

Wonchop responds:

Yeah, even Tom was surprised by how much death occured in this volume. I think he was going through a dark time.


Ooooooh my goooooood, so worth the wait, I've been checking your page every day for a month!
I love the quality of the animation, and hooray for the good voices being back <3 I LOVED THE NEW OPENING.

Oney responds:

tank you vury much.

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Oh gosh, you put it on newgrounds! X3
Thanks so much for making this! Happy birthday to Jessi, hehe!
I am blushing at the comments...I had no idea I could voiceact. :O

PaggosIchor responds:

Ya I needed to post something I hope you don't mind, I tried to Link you properly in the Collaboration but I could not figure out how.
Thank you for letting me make this and yes happy birthday to her.
I think you would get plenty of requests if you offered your voice.


I've always liked that movie, and the song was so funny! To all the people who totally flamed this auidio, just shuttup and give this person a break! At least they bothered to actually do something, unlike some people who don't get off their fat asses ever!!!
Well done! :D


Wow! That was great! Spongebob has such a funny voice!
You should add the quote where they use the 'bad words'. When spongebob goes 'Maybe he'll give us...Forty Lashes!' Patrick: 'Oh no!' And then he imagines himself with theese huge eyeslashes! *Does a cheap Spongebob laugh* *Hack Cough!* Aragh....Never again will I do that laugh...

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Holy cow, that evil robot voice reaaaally freaked me out, good job! :D

AMTRAX91 responds:

Muchas gracias

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Stumbled on this quite by accident, but felt compelled to comment. XD
Your anatomy is pretty good, as is your soft style of colouring, so well done on both!
But one thing REALLY lets this piece down, and that is her breasts. They look like they're drawn by someone who has never seen or handled a real pair before. Real breasts have weight at the bottom, and do not sit like balloons on the chest directly under the armpit like you've drawn here.

If you look at the picture of the blue girl in your favourites, her breasts are big, sure, but they are believable which really sells it. They're affected by gravity. I see so many artists who are afraid that they'll draw unappealing, saggy breasts, but it's simply not the case! :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is big breasts are fine - inflatable ones look very silly!

Fatelogic responds:

Thx for the critique, I really appreciate. But sorry to dissapoint you, I´ve got plenty of experience in handling IRL breasts xD I dont go after realism on my pieces, I go after sex appeal, even if it means twisting phisics (Anime and manga is pretty know for doing so). Some might find such round, tightly holded up breasts unnatural, sure, but... what can I say xD I like them drawn that way, as well as many other people do. I belive that its a matter of preferences, and Im cool with it.

Thx for the feedback!

I'm mostly on DeviantART, and randomly post animations here when I make them!

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