Sequel to 'I Said No'

2010-08-02 09:56:02 by LovelyKouga is in progress!
So far I have all the voicework I need, now it's just piecing the thing together (I hate doing that part SO MUCH) and then music...sound effects...animate...gah...losing motivation already. Haha!

Got any questions about it? I can reveal some things, like, there will be a big MONSTER BATTLE. 8D And a new character.


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2010-08-02 10:30:49

Are you gonna torture yourself by making the character into chibis at some points?
The cuteness is painful :3

LovelyKouga responds:

Nah, I won't, don't worry. XD


2010-08-02 18:36:38

Sweetness i can't wait... and i see you managed to get through your sickness :D looks like our moral support payed off, after all. it makes me all tingly inside (stupid butterflies)

LovelyKouga responds:

Yeah I think the worst is over, but I do have about two months recovery time still ahead of me. Glandular fever/Mono is...simply awful, and once you get it you keep getting it when you get too stressed. Eep!
I have to thank everyone for their support - I was really ill and it was great to know people actually cared...even if some only worried that I'd never make another flash lol!


2010-08-02 21:22:56

please tell me you are joking


2010-08-03 00:20:45

well, we're all just glad you're okay... well, i know i am, at least :D i hope the recovery goes well, and remember in those times of stress that there is a group of people that wants you to be okay :3



2010-08-03 11:06:54

=) Sweet can't wait to see it, i hope your illness doesn't get the best of you =( *pats your head* Hope you get better soon =)


2010-08-03 19:01:22

Fucking A :D
about time you got around to it... :3


2010-08-07 18:32:12

cant wait im sure itl be good BTW.... how r u? feelin any better?

LovelyKouga responds:

I'm better than I was, I still have a couple of months of recovery ahead of me but I'm sure I'll pull through. :)


2010-08-07 18:38:01

thats great post it as soon as you can ok?:)


2010-08-08 12:28:38

im glad to hear your doing great.
i mean there are those who care about each other in newgrounds sorta like a family ^_^


2010-08-09 19:40:58

So I see the project has been going good. Well that new animation you told me about seems really good and can't wait to see it give me a shout sometime. Oh and did you like that E-card I sent you a while back? Funny right? lol.


2010-08-10 12:43:09

If you need music, PM me :D I'll try to whip something up.


2010-08-15 07:14:53

This made my day. Now you have thank every single one who wished you a speedy recovery :P
JK, but I can't wait for a sequel. I bet it's gonna be awesome.

LovelyKouga responds:

It was so lovely of people to wish me well...I honestly wasn't expecting such a response! THANK YOU EVERYONE! 8D
I hope so...XD


2010-08-20 17:16:11

Oh... took a look at the comments of I said No...
So many *censored* (don't want to be reported)
Jesus... I can't believe how retarded ppl can be...

Whatever... I'm gunna watch the next flash. And yeah I'm an anime freak... but what should I do about it? Animes just are so f***ing awesome...

I'll rate 5, because you survived that illness and another 5 because I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be entertaining.

LovelyKouga responds:

I know, but if people wanna be stupid like that, that's their problem.

Thanks honey, haha, I still have a little bit of recovery time ahead (I'm sleeping about 11 hours or more per day, having to work and go to University is hard work when you're fatigued)


2010-08-21 13:15:06

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(actual scream lolz) I can not wait for this video to come out BIG FAN lolz


2010-08-23 11:45:04

*phyew!* i was SO worried! (about the glandular thingy) but now i knows u is ok!! =^D
can't wait to see the new character!!! =^D


2010-08-25 14:04:47



2010-09-03 21:56:18



2010-09-04 19:20:00

AWESOME to hear you're better! :D

A MONSTER BATTLE you say? Interesting! I had no idea there'd be such a thing.

I look forward to it's BRILLIANT voice acting! ;D


2010-09-16 09:56:00

Heh I've seen your icon for "I Said NO" but have never actually watched it X)
I think I might now :3


2010-09-20 00:45:21

Yes! I love giant monster battles! Can't wait to watch this.



2010-09-20 08:49:49

Thank you! I love your work!!!


2010-10-10 22:01:42

Does your real life personality have similarities with your character Jessi's personality or do you know someone like her?

LovelyKouga responds:

No not really haha!


2010-10-22 04:22:42

Whoa, a sequel! Nice! Will it be done soon?