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Sequel to 'I Said No'

Posted by LovelyKouga - August 2nd, 2010

Yes...it is in progress!
So far I have all the voicework I need, now it's just piecing the thing together (I hate doing that part SO MUCH) and then music...sound effects...animate...gah...losing motivation already. Haha!

Got any questions about it? I can reveal some things, like, there will be a big MONSTER BATTLE. 8D And a new character.

Comments (23)

Are you gonna torture yourself by making the character into chibis at some points?
The cuteness is painful :3

Nah, I won't, don't worry. XD

Sweetness i can't wait... and i see you managed to get through your sickness :D looks like our moral support payed off, after all. it makes me all tingly inside (stupid butterflies)

Yeah I think the worst is over, but I do have about two months recovery time still ahead of me. Glandular fever/Mono is...simply awful, and once you get it you keep getting it when you get too stressed. Eep!
I have to thank everyone for their support - I was really ill and it was great to know people actually cared...even if some only worried that I'd never make another flash lol!

please tell me you are joking

well, we're all just glad you're okay... well, i know i am, at least :D i hope the recovery goes well, and remember in those times of stress that there is a group of people that wants you to be okay :3


=) Sweet can't wait to see it, i hope your illness doesn't get the best of you =( *pats your head* Hope you get better soon =)

Fucking A :D
about time you got around to it... :3

cant wait im sure itl be good BTW.... how r u? feelin any better?

I'm better than I was, I still have a couple of months of recovery ahead of me but I'm sure I'll pull through. :)

thats great post it as soon as you can ok?:)

im glad to hear your doing great.
i mean there are those who care about each other in newgrounds sorta like a family ^_^

So I see the project has been going good. Well that new animation you told me about seems really good and can't wait to see it give me a shout sometime. Oh and did you like that E-card I sent you a while back? Funny right? lol.

If you need music, PM me :D I'll try to whip something up.

This made my day. Now you have thank every single one who wished you a speedy recovery :P
JK, but I can't wait for a sequel. I bet it's gonna be awesome.

It was so lovely of people to wish me well...I honestly wasn't expecting such a response! THANK YOU EVERYONE! 8D
I hope so...XD

Oh... took a look at the comments of I said No...
So many *censored* (don't want to be reported)
Jesus... I can't believe how retarded ppl can be...

Whatever... I'm gunna watch the next flash. And yeah I'm an anime freak... but what should I do about it? Animes just are so f***ing awesome...

I'll rate 5, because you survived that illness and another 5 because I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be entertaining.

I know, but if people wanna be stupid like that, that's their problem.

Thanks honey, haha, I still have a little bit of recovery time ahead (I'm sleeping about 11 hours or more per day, having to work and go to University is hard work when you're fatigued)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(actual scream lolz) I can not wait for this video to come out BIG FAN lolz

*phyew!* i was SO worried! (about the glandular thingy) but now i knows u is ok!! =^D
can't wait to see the new character!!! =^D



AWESOME to hear you're better! :D

A MONSTER BATTLE you say? Interesting! I had no idea there'd be such a thing.

I look forward to it's BRILLIANT voice acting! ;D

Heh I've seen your icon for "I Said NO" but have never actually watched it X)
I think I might now :3

Yes! I love giant monster battles! Can't wait to watch this.


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