Entry #22


2015-06-01 07:15:00 by LovelyKouga

Gettin' REAL tired of people taking my animations and uploading them elsewhere...

Even had one person upload one on youtube, and they're getting ad revenue from it. Over 20,000 views!

Shame on all those who steal attention and potential profits from artists.


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2015-06-01 09:29:03

Link 'em and let loose the dogs of copyright infringement!

LovelyKouga responds:

Hahaa I've already filed a copyright complaint, I don't wanna link because they will just get more views/monies


2015-06-01 10:10:23

Lold noob. They made like 50 cents off that y u no link

(Updated ) LovelyKouga responds:

20,000 views in a month is a lot really - where they gon be at in a year?
The amount isn't important anyways, it's the fact they think they can do this shit to artists who put time and effort into making art. We choose to share it with people and they go do that.


2015-06-01 13:53:33

that's frustrating i'm sorry :c which one did they take??

LovelyKouga responds:

It really is x.x It was my most recent one, the pearl bird dance. Although years ago someone also uploaded my 'I Said NO' one which was way worse because it was with my original characters


2015-06-02 16:54:32

Warer mark your stuff! !! My stuff dont get stolen >_>

LovelyKouga responds:

Not helpful. I watermark all my art but I never thought a video would get stolen lol
It's removed now!