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Jessi Soundboard

Posted by LovelyKouga - October 20th, 2010


Just a little something a friend put together for me!
All the involvement I had was the voice for Jessi, much better microphone, yes?
He was kind enough to make a soundboard out of some voice clips. ^^ He's having some issues with the preloader but oh well, hopefully he can fix it or just use a Newgrounds preloader like I do 'cos I'm a lazy bum.

Make sure to click the face at the bottom-right for a SPECIAL SONG...

New but short Jessi dance animation: http://www.lovelykouga.deviantart.com/

Comments (16)

Lol, really funny :D
I like the special song a lot, it made me laught. XD
I'd just like to say 1 things:
You can hear a mouse click at the end of each sound, but it's ok.
Also, do you you play TF2? Or did you just like the "Meet the Spy" animation?

You can? DARN! How embarassing! XD
Oh I used to play it a lot on my PS3, but then it got really boring because now most people play it on PC. But yes I love TF2!


you can hear your mouse clicking at the end of most of these sound clips tho

Really...? I honestly don't hear them, I checked! Which sound clips do you hear it on the most?

Yeah, basically the mouse clicking happens when you click the "Record" button again to stop recording.

Are you using Audacity? Even if you aren't, here's how to get rid of that annoying clicking sound in most recording programs:

1. Select the last second or so of your recording. Make sure not to cut off your actual voice recording, though.

2. If you've selected the last second, then delete it. This should get rid of the clicking noise.

3. Remember these steps: Record it. Review it. Edit it. If the mouse clicking is still there, then you'll have to home in on the actual sound itself by looking at the recording "line". This "line" shows the actual sound (it's kinda up and down and looks like a heart monitor's line) and depending on the settings, it should look like a little "blip" on the end of the recording "line". Select that and delete it. Review your recording to make sure it's gone.

4.You'll have to do this every time with your recordings until you learn the "Hot-Keys" for your recording program, or when you get a much quieter mouse (which is no fun at all. The clicking noise rocks.)

5. This "select and delete" style of editing is the most basic, and the most useful when editing any sound bit. Remember to use it when you need it!

That was great! And...YES! I was right about Riley. Also, you should read Nora if you haave the time, it's awsome!

Also, Jessi's voice is a little different than normal at times, so try to remain consistant ALL the time. Other than that, I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to your next submission.

i seen it i dont under stand it but the song was funny big booty bitches lol come to my account and make a comment on my post and see the song ITS AWSOME!

Happy like one month late birthday.. where are your new animations?

lolololol this is lol-tastic i like to click all the recordings at once!!! lolol funny!!! where are your new animations by the way

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! WOW!!! It sure is awesome BUT! Why arent' you makeing more flashes?! :O There so awesome, please make more! FASTER I TELL YOU! :O


jessi i want to collabrate a flash with you ^_^ I see we can have masses of potential

My name is not Jessi...

ERRrrr well... yeah it was mistake, I apologise lol guess the jessi I was talking about was that pink haired lost female ^_^

loved the animation :)

Let us know when you update the dance :3

Hope things are okay with your family in NZ - haven't seen the pictures yet, but 1/3 of the center of Christchurch sounds pretty bad to me. Let us know you're okay!!

Just to inform you... in your job thing under the picture of spongebob, you spelled assistant wrong. I got this thing about grammar... it was probably a typing error. sorry for pointing it out! O:

dudette, wth is i said no sequel coming out?! it's been like 7 damn months!!

Um, when I feel like it....?
Kinda focusing on life at the moment, like University. XD;
Sorry for depriving you of your amusement LOL!