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LovelyKouga's News

Posted by LovelyKouga - July 11th, 2010

Usually I woudn't say too much about my private life, but I wanted to let those who care why I've been absent, and will possibly continue to be.
I have glandular fever, and it's attacked my liver and kidneys something fierce. I can't even describe how much pain I'm in. I've had several blood tests and liver ultrasounds, and it doesn't look too good...
So, if worst comes to worst...enjoy your life while you have it, you never know when it will be ripped so cruelly from you.

<3 Krista

Posted by LovelyKouga - June 22nd, 2010

Just letting y'all know so there's not a freak-out, but Tom Fulp agreed to change my user name for me!
So now, byebye KougaLuva (n00bish name...) heylo LovelyKouga! (still n00bie, but oh well)

Why the change?
I've had this screen name LovelyKouga for 4 years on DeviantART and it's sort of stuck. So when I came back to Newgrounds and people started calling me KougaLuva...it was weird.
So yes, I prefer to just be called Krista at the end of the day, but thank god I was able to change my user name. ^^

Posted by LovelyKouga - June 14th, 2010

Some people have asked me, so I thought I'd make a post.
Yes, I do accept commissions!
http://lovelykouga.deviantart.com/jour nal/17126675/

I have a lot of free time now that I've finished my university assignments.
I haven't drawn anything in a month or more and am itching to get into it again.
Also, saving money for a new drawing tablet!

Posted by LovelyKouga - June 2nd, 2010

For my next flash I'm going to introduce a new character into the mix...but I was wondering how exactly to do it.
Do I need an introduction, or should I just swing into the new story right away?
His name is Leem and he's not a Dimébian (what Jessi and Riley are), he's an Asédai (sort of...long-eared elf with devil tail and facial markings).

It's a bit of a read, but...if you're into my stuff this is a good place to start!
http://lovelykouga.deviantart.com/jour nal/27291737/

Fan Gallery that has a lot of examples of Dimébian and Asédai:

It will seem probably really random to a lot of people if I just have Leem randomly tagging along, but doing a full intro into his character would take YEARS. UGH.
But yes, I've put a lot of thought and drawings into these characters...so trust me they're not animal-eared for the sake of it. XD

New Character

Posted by LovelyKouga - May 31st, 2010

Okay, so. I still want to voice Jessi.
So I shelled out a bit of dough on a good line-in microphone and a stand.
Get it all home, plug it into my Mac.
Doesn't work.
Apparently, (after I was done seeking guidance from the great Google) your line-in mic has to have it's own power source in order for it to work on a Mac.

This is BALONEY!!!
I've had this Mac for 6 months and it's been nothing but trouble and disappointments since day one.
My games won't work on it, my tablet, my microphones, my headphones, my printer...just EVERYTHING seems to be 100 times harder and more expensive than it should be.
And it won't let me switch the default video/audio player, either.

I thought I was making a good decision switching to a Mac, but it turns out I've never been more wrong about anything in my entire life!
I never swear but...FUCK.

Posted by LovelyKouga - May 26th, 2010


I'm happy to report I am OVER my 'bawwwww'/whine.
Trust me, you'll never have to hear such things from me again.
And I'll stick around Newgrounds for a couple of reasons.

1.) If I go, I'm a quitter, and the 'meanies' win.
2.) If I go, fans miss out, and once again, 'meany-weenies' win.
3.) I'm stubborn. I'm determined to improve and show what I can truly do. I feel...almost obligated to.

If anything, the meanies intentions backfire, and sort of make me dig my toes in and make me more determined to do better.

I have had a lot of very kind messages of support, and thank you so much! I read every single message and review; so even if you don't receive a reply, please know I have or will read it. :)

Also, don't feel the need to boost my 'ego' or something ridiculous like that...you need a Y chromosome to own one of those, and I'm fresh out!

I'll quite possibly work on another animation featuring Jessi and Riley!
If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask here. I'm sure curious people would like to read through them, too!

And to those also 'bawwww-ing' about me deleting comments from my journals...trust me, they're not messages you wish to read. And I will continue to do so, because hey guess what, it's my journal! ;P I don't want kids reading some of the disgusting things you feel inclined to type!

From feedback I've had about Jessi's voice, it seems most are in agreement that the voice and delivery is okay-ish to not bad, but I definitely need a new microphone.
Any recommendations?

Posted by LovelyKouga - May 24th, 2010

It's one thing to critique. I'm an artist, I can handle critique because it is constructive and makes me improve.
But being mean for the sake of it?

Does it make you...happy to destroy the confidence of a young girl like me?
I'm a Librarian for pete's sake, the cute, geeky girl with little glasses, and a permanent genuine smile.
What could I possibly ever have done to you, to deserve such a response to something that was meant to be fun?
If something is not PERFECT, or in hindsight, a video game parody; does that mean that it's not WORTHY of Newgrounds?
Is something that contains characters that are original, and don't appear in any of your games, doomed to be beaten up and spat on?
I do these for fun, and I don't HAVE to share but I do, in the hopes that I can brighten a day, or make people laugh. And hey, it's better than a spam animation, right?

I'm sorry if your preference is American cartoons, fart jokes and video game parodies. if it is, BOY are you looking at the wrong girl.
I draw anime, I love Disney, I watch Star Trek - the Big Bang Theory - Family Guy, and I am female.
Newgrounds is a regular sausage-fest. I think my flashes probably won't appeal to you!
I will take a little break from Newgrounds, and see you on DeviantART, where we are a community and support each other, not bring people down.
Tall-poppy syndrome...

Funny how the most critical people on here, are the ones with empty pages.
Try writing, casting, voiceacting and animating your own animation, THEN maybe you won't be so harsh.

To people who have been overwhelmingly flattering, fair and nice...I love you, and I really hope your loveliness rubbs off onto the rest of Newgrounds. The internet needs more people like you. ^^

I'll still hang around, but it will take a lot of convincing before I consider dabbling in/submitting animations again.
People have pointed out to me that the majority must think I'm at least okay, and fans are enough to make me stay on Newgrounds. ^^

Posted by LovelyKouga - May 23rd, 2010

Still looking for a young female voice for my character Jessi!

Posted by LovelyKouga - April 30th, 2010

Hay guys!

I'm currently in the process of making a new flash animation!
This one includes my character Jessi (cat girl with pink hair) and also Riley.
And it will be my best-quality animation to date. :)
But only because it's for University...no way would I usually put this much effort in.

If any of you females want to voice Jessi still...I gave it a go, and I like my inflections in her voice but the quality of my mic is no good. I wonder if it would be too much to ask for someone to re-take my lines, or mimic them if you will. As I've already started animating.

PLEASE let me know, much appreciated!

New Animation!

Posted by LovelyKouga - January 10th, 2010

Well, I held my auditions for as long as I can bear, so here we go!

Congrats to the following...

Timothy Walter/Alias who got the part of RILEY.
Pedro Pinto
who got the part of LEEM.

Unfortunately, I failed to find a suitable JESSI or KURIK voice...both the female roles. So they are still open!