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Fuzzy & Fluttering Fuzzy & Fluttering

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Stumbled on this quite by accident, but felt compelled to comment. XD
Your anatomy is pretty good, as is your soft style of colouring, so well done on both!
But one thing REALLY lets this piece down, and that is her breasts. They look like they're drawn by someone who has never seen or handled a real pair before. Real breasts have weight at the bottom, and do not sit like balloons on the chest directly under the armpit like you've drawn here.

If you look at the picture of the blue girl in your favourites, her breasts are big, sure, but they are believable which really sells it. They're affected by gravity. I see so many artists who are afraid that they'll draw unappealing, saggy breasts, but it's simply not the case! :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is big breasts are fine - inflatable ones look very silly!

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Fatelogic responds:

Thx for the critique, I really appreciate. But sorry to dissapoint you, I´ve got plenty of experience in handling IRL breasts xD I dont go after realism on my pieces, I go after sex appeal, even if it means twisting phisics (Anime and manga is pretty know for doing so). Some might find such round, tightly holded up breasts unnatural, sure, but... what can I say xD I like them drawn that way, as well as many other people do. I belive that its a matter of preferences, and Im cool with it.

Thx for the feedback!

jessi jessi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I can't really comment on the drawing because it's extremely similar to mine! XD
I overlayed my drawing with this one and it's almost an exact trace.
I'd love it if you'd come up with your own pose for Jessi!

megakill32 responds:

no can do. im good at drawing only when there is a representation of whatever im trying to draw otherwise i suck plus it's easy to draw something when you take an already large photo and make it larger :P glad you liked it though you made my day :D